It appears that raiden has shown himself in the kojima teaser as well.

PS3Life reports: Few hours after the countdown finally ended and restarted, it appears that raiden shown himself as well.

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Kinetix3406d ago

Come out with it already, every other article is about kojima, mgs5 speculation and rumors. So when does this "big" secret come out so I can come back at the right time?

Graphics3406d ago

kojima doing 2 games, a continuation of MGS3 for psp, and a raiden game for pc,ps3,360. trust me, i got inside source.

jessehaysfl3406d ago

graphics your wrong, however if you are right then I will change my avatar to whatever you want. anything.

BkaY3406d ago

mate... im somehow with u .... dont know why.. but i feel the same way..

ppl plz dont stone me to death... i lov my ps3 more that my xbox n wii together...

happy gamin.... peace

Sony Rep3406d ago

What happend to the exclusive 360 Raiden game??

RumbleFish3405d ago

What is all this speculation about the two games? If anybody would have been attentive while playing MGS 4 you'll all know, that Kojima Productions are working on two games! Watch the cutscene with Naomi in South America:

At 8:14 the previous MGS titles are shown and at 8:24 you'll see two boxes with "UNDER CONSTRUCTION". So it was confirmed that Kojima will announce TWO games when MGS 4 was released!

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Foxgod3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

Maybe this game is post Metal gear solid 2, but before metal gear solid 4 ?

In that case snake could be making a cameo as well....
On the other hand, Didnt Kojima say he would make 2 new games ?
Maybe hes making a Metal gear raiden, and a metal gear big boss.

The story of raiden post MGS2, and the story of Big boss before metal gear 1.....

Soldierone3406d ago

at least this one is a decent attempt at photoshopping lol.

christian hour3406d ago

haha yeah. Better than the last photoshopped raiden one a few days ago. But still not fooling anyone. We already know what raiden image should flash up... we seen it in the famitsu scans. And it looks nothing like this :P

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

Gray Fox. Raiden doesnt fit the timeline of the younger Big Boss. And as pointed out earlier from the last pic that cyborg ninja has brown eyes where as Raiden has blue. He has 1 eye covered as well and i believe Frank had an eye injury.

The guy in this pic looks like Raiden though.... hmmm.

EDIT: Well yea the guy in this pic is obviously Raiden and the one in the famitsu scan obviously isnt. You really think Kojimas working on two Metal Gears? I know he's doing 2 projects but what about that tornado outbreak game. Wasnt that 1 of them?

Foxgod3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

Yeah, he doesnt look like Greyfox at all, maybe Big boss will be featured in a reboot of the metal gear series that will go multi platform.

And Raiden could be features in a ps3 exclusive metal gear solid 4 spinoff.

vasilisk3406d ago

"maybe Big boss will be featured in a reboot of the metal gear series that will go multi platform."

Give it a rest mate, if you want to play metal gear so badly, go buy a PS3.

Foxgod3406d ago

Well, i might eventually, but my 360 stays no1 :)

Sony Rep3406d ago

You seem like a big MGS fan. Sucks you can't play the finale to one of the greatest video game stories ever told......

oh. well.... :D

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azedean3406d ago

Fake, there is no Raiden at all appearing on this site.

Max Power3406d ago

that this is a poor attempt at hits. because so far anything that has happened during the lighting has always been behind the countdown.

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