IGN: Pre-E3 2009: Bayonetta Borders on Ridiculous

Hideki Kamiya is no stranger to the action genre. With games like Devil May Cry and Okami under his belt, Kamiya and his team at PlatinumGames are tackling another stylish action outing in the form of Bayonetta for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This over-the-top gun-fest, which features one of the most insanely cool female characters in recent memory, feels a lot like the Devil May Cry franchise but boasts several unique elements.

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shysun3406d ago

I wander if a demo is coming soon...

Pheonix033406d ago

Bayonetta will be the best. Simply because Kamiya-san set out to make the best action game and take action gaming to the next level. Everyone else is happy with where their action games are and simply dish out prettier sequels with the same gameplay; well that isn't making a better game!

More developers need to have Kamiya's mind-set when making their games, then we'd have better games that a stronger compettitve market, thereby leading to even better games.

Some awesome quotes from the article:

"This is an actual, playable stage and it puts all other action games to shame."

"The second level of the demo is when my entire face was blown off by maximum awesome."

Sony Rep3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

From what I've seen, Bayonetta takes ideas from from other great action games like God of War and adds tons of style. It's not really doing anything new, but it might just be doing it the best. Looking foward to it.

[email protected]3406d ago

Wish this game turn good as the previews mentioned, I got highly expectations for this one.