Diehard GameFAN: Cross Edge Review

With an amusing story, enjoyable 2-D graphics, a fun soundtrack and a highly creative and innovative engine with both tactical and turn based elements, Cross Edge is a game worth experiencing even if the only characters you recognize are Etna and Morrigan. The Japanese version of the game boasts the most downloadable content out of any game Diehard GameFAN has ever played and with multiple endings and difficulty levels, they will be shocked in Cross Edge doesn't get RPG of the year nominations (or the award itself) from them and other gaming websites. What are you waiting for dood? Go get this!

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blitz06233405d ago

I have been thinking whether I should get this game or not. And just as the review says, the only characters I'm familiar with are Etna and Morrigan (<3). I hope more good reviews like this come out so I can decide whether this is a must have for an RPG fan

Myst3405d ago

I'd definitely say it would be worth getting, I planned to write a bit of a review after playing for five hours tomorrow (Well today now). In short what I think about Cross Edge is pretty much what everyone first thought of for Valkyria Chronicles, it was under appreciated for whatever reason. This game due to graphics may not be appreciated; but certainly looks and more than likely will feel as if you could waste a few hours down the drain without even noticing time has passed.

As I'm sure Etna and the prinny will do a fair job of keeping the attention span especially for those who have enjoyed the Disgaea series.

Aceluffy3405d ago

Between X Edge and Infamous, I'm gonna be so busy playing I won't realize that E3 is almost upon us ! God, so happy I own a PS3 ! I almost gave up playing Demon's Soul, that game is frickin' hard ! But I'll take my time and finish that game indeed. More RPG for PS3 please

callahan093405d ago

Good review! I pre-ordered it yesterday, hopefully I can pick it up today.