Guitar Hero 5 Dated, Out In September

Activision have unveiled a new website for Guitar Hero 5, in the process confirming not only that the game is returning to a numbered title, but that it has a ballsy new release date.

And that date is September 1. Cocky! You may have heard, a certain other music title is due out in early September. One that features the Beatles.

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Myst3408d ago

I just hope that they won't discontinue support of World Tour (or rather stop releasing as many tracks as they have been for it) because they are releasing more games.

Qalbert3408d ago

My understanding from an older article is DLC from WT will work on GH5, so I imagine it will be a more united DLC platform like Rock Band.

Myst3408d ago

Ah, okay thanks for that. I was wondering what was going to happen to those who had purchased DLC for World Tour; but it does feel a little awkward that if some of the songs don't hit DLC but are on 5. Then they would have to jump toward 5 which would really suck.

PS360WII3408d ago

Hmm as cool as Guitar Hero is I'll be to busy playing Beatles to care ^^

Rockox3408d ago

Agreed. Besides, I played GH: Metallica when it came out, and will probably be suckered into getting GH: Smash Hits in June. By the time September rolls around, it'll be time to give some attention back to Rock Band.