Zune Service not replacing Video Marketplace

Wonderwallweb Writes

Speaking on his Twitter site Aceybongos, Xbox Community Manager for Europe said " To clarify the Zune/Xbox 360 announcement - you'll see the Zune service pop up as part of Video Marketplace in Europe in the coming months".

Acey also followed this comment up by saying that there are " No announcements on bringing the Zune hardware or Zune HD to Europe at present" and if this is the case then it seems that the Xbox Live Arcade integration being hotly rumored will not materialize, for now anyway.

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Why dis3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Dam I'm getting confused when I read the first post I read Zune service will take over video market place but understood it to be part of video marketplace like a extra tile for Zune.

Now we get this post that says

" Zune will NOT intergrate Xbox Live games"

Yet there is no mention of the claim or quotes.

Change that title all the rumors should have been know to him/them, he only spoke about the Zune service not replacing video market place. The rest is speculation use the original title please. Must be a sour grapes PS3 fan abusing the rules again.

Daoshai3252d ago

maybe xbox classics? That'd be sweet

mrnjl3252d ago

lol..I know.. Did the person who posted this even read the article....

No mention of "Zune will NOT intergrate Xbox Live games"

My god this site is getting bad.....