In-depth review of The Godfather II (x360) on PlayDevil

The Euro gaming website 'PlayDevil' has posted an in-depth review of EA's Godfather sequel for the Xbox 360, "The Godfather II".

Here's a snip:

"The Godfather II shares many elements from the original game: you'll still be shooting people and driving around, intimidating business owners to force them into paying out protection money to your family, and using vicious executions to show that you truly mean business. To say that The Godfather II is a mere repeat of the original game would be completely unfair, though, as the new tactical elements make sure that this just isn't the case.

The basic gameplay elements range from great to serviceable. For shooting there's an auto-aim which can be adjusted with the right stick, a solid melee combat and a basic cover system. Holding/tapping a button is, meanwhile, just silly in this day and age, whilst the driving is largely a means to transport you from one area to another, but is still a lot of fun."

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