X-Play: SF IV Pro Gootecks Arcade Stick Rankings

Ryan "gootecks" Gutierrez shares his rankings on six popular arcade sticks and discusses how they stack up for competitive play.

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kornbeaner3191d ago

Awesome! Glad G4 is showing a little more of their roots with these gootecks vids. I've felt and seen them slipping away from gaming for a long time, even a show like X-play sometimes feels like a show that has more to do with the opinions of the its host rather then the games the host are suppose to have opinions about. I really miss the nerd, geeky, tech felling of ZDTV/TechTV had. When G4 took over, the soul of that station was gone, hopefully they'll realize that Mainstream TV is not game tv, we need the geek feel to our programming. Hopefully if these vids get a great response we'll see more geek and less mainstream return to the channel.