PS3clan solved the new Metal Gear puzzle

Everywhere you can read about Famitsu, Big Boss, the old man, Kojima Productions NEXT and teaser site, Metal Gear Raiden, etc. But nobody seems to figure it out.

But think logic. Picture of Big Boss? Hideo speaks of the old man. It's not Big Boss, it's Solid Snake! Look at his military hat. No Foxhound logo but something completely different. Check out the link for more 'answers'.

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lociefer3371d ago

what if this is a remake of snake's mission in zanzibar ?, while raiden is there for messin with our brains ?

Downtown boogey3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

Outer Heaven... And yes! That very well could be Solid/Old Snake, prospectively disguised as Big Boss.

morganfell3371d ago

Here is what everyone seems to be missing. Kojima said the game was on a new system. Yet Famitsu points to the game to be Sony exclusive.



ZuperAmazingCooKie3371d ago

PSP has plenty of life left. And why would they announce a game for an unnanounced handheld anyway? Unless they announce both at E3. I can't hit the link since I'm at work but if you can tell me where did you get your PSP2 conclusions I'll gladly read it.

TheTwelve3371d ago

Kojima has made important PSP games for the series in the past. Get ready, folks...Kojima is going to do something awesome again.


zoneofenders3371d ago

in japanese its osan
i have no idea how IGN could translate this into old man......... find some one with better japanese skill plz!!!

281219863371d ago

check this one out its better and flows concurrently with the image of the teaser

Sev3371d ago

@ Morgenfell,

No PSP2 for at least 2 more years.

The PSP is very much still alive and kicking, and is about to get it's best lineup ever.

gamesmaster3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

i think ts the big boss, if you've read the metal gear database, you would be familiar with this passage. This is a massive plot sequence leading on from the events of operation snake eater (MGS3) take note after he lost his right eye. Also after assumng command of special forces group FOXHOUND.

the passage..

"In 1972, he provided his genes to the patriots for thier les enfant terribles project. Three clones of big boss were created. however, Big boss himself was outraged by the way his DNA was used and broke off from the patriots. he became a lone solidier drifting from country to coutry.
He joined LRRO (long-range reconnaissance patrol) in vietnam and fought alongside SOG (special operations group), The green berets, and the wild Geese. Later, he became a mercenary who appeared in numerous territorial and ethnic conflicts around the world. He achieved near-mythical status. after that, he served as a combat instructor and worked to reintegrate former child soldiers into society."

now that right there is a killer story line for MGS5...

EDIT: on top of that this new teaser picture of the big boss shows him wearing a green beret, which speaks for itself given the above passage. also in 1972, the end of MGS3 he is said to be in his fifties, which to some may constitute as being an old man.

JayX6663371d ago

@ Morganfel

I think Kojima means a new gameplay system(FPS?)the translation seems to have gotten people confused.

Myze3371d ago


While I don't know if this game will be for a new PSP or not (I would much prefer a PS3 game), I do know that if there is a PSP2 reveal at E3, it probably wouldn't be out for a couple of years anyway, as is the case with most first revealed info about a new gaming system.

GameGambits3371d ago

PS3: Raiden Game.

PSP: New portable ops game.

Both will share links to each other.

Plot will be around Philosopher's Legacy and where it is after MGS4. Raiden's going in with Snake in his ear to tell him how to get the job done. The symbol on the hat is probably for the organization that Otacon and Snake made(forget the name) in order to stop Metal Gears.

Snake said at the end of MGS4 there's still one thing left he has to do, and I can't think of anything better then to help stop what started most of the MGS plots which is the Philosophers Legacy's money. Without the cash no new power can rise up again to try and make Outer Havens or rule jack sh^t somehow. Snake's old and tired of fighting, but he can't just do nothing about this issue so with Raiden's help they'll stop this mess once and for all.


kunit22c3371d ago

has everybody forgot about this?!?!
MGS5 is going to be on PS3, Wii, and 360!
Just look through all the pages.

kunit22c3371d ago

Why did i get a disagree? Please tell me.^^ my comment is right above this guy's.

aaron58293371d ago

Thats not a fact, its wishful thinking.


I didnt click that disagree button though.

pixelsword3371d ago

1. Snake's beard didn't fill out like Big Boss's beard
2. The logo on the hat looks like a prototype logo for Outer Haven

KAEM73370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

I think Jink is spot on about the big boss picture, think it would be either a remake of the original msx version or some other mission from that time (in the mgs universe) probably for the psp

The raiden images in famitsu will show soon on the countdown clock on the teaser site. I think they are about the next ps3 mgs probably starring raiden. (It could also be Gray Fox)

Im kinda hoping i am wrong, i dont own a psp and a big boss adventure on ps3 would be awesome!

FrankenLife3370d ago

Isn't it obvious. It will be on the Wii. A return to the company that Metal Gear first played on. Hideo is going to get on stage, and waggle his snake around.

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Persistantthug3371d ago

Is a new METAL GEAR coming or not?

[email protected]3371d ago

sound like a yes to me, but if a Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid or a new interaction into the Metal Gear universe it yet unknown.

BLuKhaos3371d ago

So you're confused huh?That's Kojima for you, always fusking with your brain. ;)

modest-genius3371d ago

Solid Snake does not need an eye patch.

Blackmoses3371d ago

he would after his fight with Revolver Ocelot and the whole microwave chamber event.....

Max Power3371d ago

Solid Snake had the fake eye patch over his left eye, Big Boss and that picture on the teaser site has it on the right eye. so unless some thing happened between MGS 2 and MGS 4 to Solid Snakes right eye, temporarily having Solid Snake to wear one on the right, we'll just have to wait and see. but it could be just of Kojima's tricks.

Timesplitter143371d ago

Solid Snake is so awesome that he can wear 2 eyepatches, one on each eye, and still be deadly in combat

Downtown boogey3371d ago

If it's Solid Snake, it's him BEFORE MGS4.

Sitdown3371d ago

He could have Sagat syndrome........where your eye patch switches based on what side of the screen you are on. :-)

Uzesgelen_Goo3371d ago

hahahaha awesome comment man +bubbles

Jink3371d ago

...doesn't have a blue eye. Big Boss (John) does have a blue eye.

This new game is a remake of the original Metal Gear from MSX console.

aaron58293371d ago

That it's a story between MGS 2 and MGS 4.

I mean, we dont know what happened there... example, how the hell Raiden became a cyborg.

There are still questions yet to be answered.

and i agree about, snake wearing eye patch on both his eyes, and will still be deadly in combat.


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Madgunner3371d ago

Thank you proving them wrong in such a simple way. LOL.. i still think its a remake of the ORIGINALs... but even if i am wrong and they are SOMEHOW right.. it still would be BADASS

Hellsvacancy3371d ago

I gave up over a week ago when the 1st timer expired just 2 reveal a new 1 timer

Give up a just wait man - works 4me :-)

Timesplitter143371d ago

Dude, there's a friggin picture of Big Boss (or whatever) on the teaser site.

How can you ignore that?