Zune HD and Xbox Live – The Missing Link?

OXCGN sees huge potential in the new ZUNE HD and looks at what this portable entertainment device will be able to do:

"The ZuneHD is Microsoft's next dip into entertainment devices, but here at OXCGN what excited us most is the potential for gaming on the stunning little handheld.

So far it's been confirmed that the Zune Marketplace will actually be replacing the Video Marketplace on Xbox Live. This is a bold step, linking the Zune HD and Xbox 360 in an almost symbiotic relationship. This is very similar to the steps Sony took to link the launch of Blu-Ray and the PS3 to push ahead the success of both."

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Superfragilistic3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

If I can earn achievements on my Zune and download music and video on my Xbox360 and use and transfer it across both platforms I'm definitely buying this.

Castle Crashers on Zune HD ftw!

Looks damn sexy to. :D

The Master Chief3337d ago

Perfect Dark XBLA online on Zune HD....what if that was possible? I would shat myself.

gaminoz3337d ago

@ Master Chief

OMG that would be cool. But they'd need to have games that compete with Resistance: Retribution etc. too.

REALgamer3337d ago

And they work way better than PSP controls.

Most use a virtual joystick on the bottom left, you use with your left thumb, and then swipe anywhere on the screen with your right thumb to look / rotate. Works really well, similar to FPS on the DS but more comfortable.

Gaming on touch-screen devices is surprisingly good, of course in some games buttons are better but at least you can have them on the screen.

I saw the Zune HD has an accelerometer in it as well like the iPod Touch so it can sense motion.

The Master Chief3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

This is HD though, can play HD movies too. And achievements and moving things between 360 and Zune. I hope there are 2 sticks also on Zune HD, shooters on PSP suck. You play with 4 buttons and auto aim instead of a stick. lol

REALgamer3337d ago

So anything needed is on the actual touchscreen.

I was reading the resolution itself is the same as the PSP, so not HD (pretty hard at that size), but it outputs video to external displays at HD so the name comes from that.

But you don't need thumbsticks with the way Appstore fps games work. Works great with swiping in any direction to look, and using an on-screen thumbstick to move. The Terminator Salvation appstore game is a good example, it's a third-person shooter that's very similar to Gears of War.

Immortal Kaim3337d ago

The problem with the Zune is, it will never successfully compete with Apple's iPod while Microsoft refuses to actually release it worldwide... The iPod is a 'world product', whereas the Zune is essentially US centric.

jessehaysfl3337d ago

so are there any good zune games now or is this all future stuff?

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REALgamer3337d ago

If they can do the rumoured XBLA games on it, that would be amazing to take Arcade games with you.

Hopefully MS will show more at E3.

gaminoz3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

Wow is this more powerful than the PSP for gaming? And we can watch movies on our tv streamed from it?

I'm not sure what all that tech stuff means but this analysis really makes it sound very very promising. I wasn't excited by Zune before, but if there are great games for it, we can play XBLA games on it, and do all that other stuff described it will be better than the iTouch.

Will it reach the potential though?

And I wonder what price it will be...

Superfragilistic3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

I know I've always considered the Zune a bit of a white elephant but this changes everything imo.

Can't wait for E3! :D

REALgamer3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

But hopefully it's competitive, probably around the same as the iPod Touch.

It's probably going to have the usual shaky start as games come out using engines made for other devices before Zune HD-specific engines are developed to really use the new hardware. Kind of like the iPod Touch games are starting to get really impressive, like NFS: Undercover.

I wonder how much RAM it will have? The PSP was criticized for too little ram (32mb) at launch, and the iPod Touch has 128mb but it's also running an OS like the Zune will be, so hopefully 128mb - 256mb?

Think of the possibilities for MMOs! There's some 2D ones on iPod Touch, but it would be cool if you were playing something like APB on 360, and then you could log into a 2D version on the Zune HD and keep playing!

I just noticed in the official image down the bottom of the article, a 'GAMES' heading is missing on the screen. Very suspicious. Almost like they're afraid to put one in until E3 in case it's called 'ARCADE' or 'XBOX' or something that would give it away. Especially since there's a nice space at the top of the screen to fit in another heading...

The Master Chief3337d ago

Man this could be REALLY cool. Unlock Achievements and play co-op on Zune HD??

Why dis3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

I just bought my Ipod touch and it feels restricted/dated already when reading this.

Superfragilistic3337d ago

I know I was just looking at iPhones today and then this comes along! lol

I thought all the rumours were just BS. Makes me think that motion controller stuff might actually be true to.

E3 is going to go off!

Why dis3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

You must be talking about MSFT's first party motion control rumors. Some say full body motion with MSFT's 1st party motion.

I'll enjoy some 3rd party too

Speaking of phones I was thinking about waiting or getting Iphone 3G, BlackBerry Storm or a Samsung instinct I was also looking at some LG models of smart phones.

EDIT @XboxOZ360 I can't wait for update 3.0 either

I like the sound of the cross connectivity of the Zune better when it comes to the hardware or software I use the most. My new Ipod touch can't share Apple content with my Samsung LCD but my brother's old Iphone can, whats up with that?

I thought the Japanese love them because they are cool looking and do cool things also because the Japanese are horrible at making software? lol

XboxOZ3603337d ago

The "NEW" iPhone, about to be released soon will put this to shame, and the firmware update for the current ones adds a great deal more features not in the current iPhones or iPod Touches.

The one thing Apple has over its competition is, simplicity and ease of use. Which most seem to forget.

One of the big reasons Japanese love them so is because of that. they are intuitive to use, rather than requiring a guide through them.

Gamingisfornerds3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

the Iphone and ZuneHD are not exactly comparable. The Iphone isn't a great gaming platform, at all! Although, I'm not exactly a ' mobile' gamer per definition, so perhaps I'm bias. But the lack of physical buttons clearly hurts the Iphone in that aspect. And yes, I've seen these attachments where you can slide the Iphone in so it gets these buttons, but I just don't see that take off. It immediately removes the charm the Iphone has.

Plus, the ZuneHD isn't a phone, and that to me is a HUGE dealbreaker. Without the phone functionality it's a no-go, which is a huge shame as I find the ZuneHD design much sexier than even the Iphone (which is still the sexiest mobile device around imo). I'm really bummed about that. So for now, I'm sticking with my iphone...

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