nVidia sheds nVision from gamers: nVidia GTC 09 is a go!

BSN: "nVidia's nVision visual computing event only lived to see its inaugural outing in 2008. Earlier this year, nVidia announced that it had cancelled the show for 2009, citing the recession and bad economic times as being "inappropriate". Our take was that nVidia was forced to cancel the event as a responsibility to stockholders, but in all honesty - that decision was a bad one.

According to the information we have at hand, nVidia shelled out around six million greenbacks to host its allegedly annual conference. Its replacement is something that will be appreciated by journalists and people alike - the LAN party is out, and only the serious business part remains. The name of the conference is somewhat uninspiring, at least coming from the master of renaming - GPU Technology Conference..."

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