Nintendo Developing Wii Fit Plus And "Art Academy"

Prepare for an announcement about Wii Fit Plus at Nintendo's E3 press conference next Tuesday.

In addition to Wii Fit Plus it looks like Nintendo may have some other surprises like Art Academy. An trademark for that title was also registered. Is Art Academy going to be Mario Paint for this generation or is it going to be a bite sized DSiWare game?

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Cajun Chicken3281d ago

Please be next gen Wii Mario Paint. :)

ultra643281d ago

Mario Paint would be sweet btu i wonder what WiiFit Plus would actually have that would enhance the experience?

SCThor3281d ago

Thanks Nintendo


D4RkNIKON3281d ago

I absolutely LOVE Mario Paint! It had an amazing music composer too. It could take some lessons from LBP community as far as sharing your creations with the world. But I am sure it would force us to buy another mouse peripheral to add to our pile of white plastic Wii parts.

phosphor1123281d ago

but I just have a feeling they will screw this up =/. I learned not to get my hopes up.

SpoonyRedMage3281d ago

Yer, Mario Paint man. That's the epitome of Hardcore and it's exactly the kind the titles Nintendo hasn't been criticised for making!!!

N4g_null3281d ago

You know some one should email them and tell them that Wacom makes a prefect pen stylus for drawing and the Wii has such a port needed for it! Yes the Wii has a usb port and on top of that it has a motion sensor also! If they make this art program I hope they model a 3d part after maya so these same skills and even models could be used by Wiiware designers!

I'm sure they have really great level editors that the public could play with! Put them in this game then we can have Wii support FPS mods and level designed by the community!!

This would also go a long way in educating the new comer to what it takes to make these games so they will be more grateful. Lots of artist own Wii's you would be surprised.

Cajun Chicken3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

No, seriously, I want a new age Mario Paint. I think it could be one of the best 'Wii-something' series yet.

@Scissor Runner, I just recently invested in a Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet, I'd think that'd be great!

N4g_null3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

HVS should work with nintendo to make a wiiware mod tool for their FPS games! I already have a wireless key board hooked up to my wii so why not?

Man the new CS4 is very sexy too! I'm not sure if you have used a space mouse before but the Wii mote could do that now with motion+

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badkolo3281d ago

are they going to screw everyone over with wiifit plus, i hope it is not new hardware.

San Frandisco3281d ago

man,they are really brining out these hardcore games for the core gamers lately its unbelievable... /s

its a gimmik i tell you.. just watch,soon they are gunna start incorporating them into ACUALL gyms... theres gunna be a section specifically dedicated to the wii fit/fit plus ect ect and all the tredmills and walkers will be abandoned.

i honestly think that its to late to recover their core gamers.. of course unless you got either a mario milking,pokemon milking or more glasses of zelda milk.

NinlenBox3281d ago

nintendo is officially dead. after e3 im saying bye bye to my wii wii! enough said!

San Frandisco3281d ago

dude.... ^^ somethings wrong here. .. . .... ..
you have mad issues man lol.

Xander-RKoS3281d ago

Really? Despite the fact that Gladiator A.D., Grinder, No More Heroes 2, Dead Space Extraction, The Conduit, Monster Hunter 3, Tatsukano vs. Capcom, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Sin and Punishment 2, Cursed Mountain, Red Steel 2, Little King's Story and a lot of other really good looking games are all coming out, you're going to sell just cause Nintendo decided to not abandon the casual gamers by making Wii Fit 2.

kunit22c3280d ago

Ninlenbox way to over react. Its not like this is the only game they are announcing, and if Nintendo doesn't announce anything that cool i wont really care because look at all these other games i already have to save up money for!
1. The Conduit
2. COD Modern Warfare 2
3. Sin and Punishment 2
4. Boom Blox Bash Party
5. Wii Sports Resort
6. The Grinder
7. Gladiator A.D.
8. Red Steel 2
9. Punch Out!!
10. Metroid Prime Trilogy
11. Monster Hunter 3
12. No More Heroes 2
13. TMNT Smash Up
14. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
15.Cursed Mountain
16. Dead Space Extraction
17. Spyborgs
18. Klonoa
With so many games i dont see how you could complain. but in that list 1 through 14 are the ones im most excited about. Not to mention im also kinda exited to find out what this game is(Wii Fit Plus)

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