Final Fantasy XI being ported to the Playstation 3

According to the latest Dengeki PlayStation Japanese magazine, Square Enix is porting Final Fantasy XI to the Playstation 3.

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qface643343d ago

what's the point of this?
i mean can't you play ps2 games online with the ps3 i did that with latest socom that came out on the ps2

Omegasyde3343d ago

They waited for the chat-pad to official come out so they could atleast count on 5,121 game sales. Which makes complete sense, hence why they release J-RPGS exclusively for the 360 in Japan.

I think the president of the company is going to sink square. Perhaps he secretly works for Namco or Capcom.

JD_Shadow3343d ago

1. The HD thing. The 360 version is in HD, the PC CAN be, but the PS2 version isn't. The PS3 version will be.
2. More trophies, though if they'll be the same as the achievements for the 360 version ( http://www.xbox360achieveme... ), expect a TON of time to be used up getting the Plat for that one. There's a LOT of work to be done there.

Blasphemy3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Not all PS3s are backwards compatible with PS2 games... I thought that was common knowledge.

Anyways it's about time but I wish they would just move on now and show us a new MMO. Only hardcore FF XI players will pick this up.

Danja3342d ago

Already have it for PC , they need to hurry up with FF13 and start working on PS3 games , PS3 owners really dont need this game to be honest.

rockleex3342d ago

How long has the 360 had this game?!?!?

Seriously, someone needs to kick Yoichi Wada's ass for me. -_-"

Baliw3342d ago

The point of this is to milk PS3 users with monthly fees; They can't milk us right now since there's not a single game on PS3 from SquareEnix.

I will give my middle finger to this idea of profiting.

ButterToast3342d ago

doesn't matter. My FFXI addiction is going to be making a come back!

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Forrest Gump3343d ago

Not interested,try again Square.

JD_Shadow3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

PLEASE don't say that. At least it's SOMETHING they are making.

It's better than nothing, and it could open the door for SE to start treating the PS3 with some other love, FINALLY!

Better than nothing. If we don't just TRY to at least commend them for actually thinking of porting SOMETHING over, they'll think we're not appreciative and won't do anything else.

Go ahead and do it, SE!

EDIT: I didn't say anything about LR. It's obvious the guy who made THAT can't program worth SH!T! This is a lot different (they really wanted to do this one, but someone left before it could be finalized and it was in idle for so long up until now).

Forrest Gump3343d ago

Sort of like how they are making The Last Remnant for the Ps3?

Yeah,sorry but I don't give a damn about a mediocre JRPG maker porting a 5 year old so-so JRPG game onto the Ps3.I'd rather give Level-5 and FromSoftware my money,thanks.

peedie163343d ago

I think this game would get overlooked if released on the ps3 with all the other MMOs coming

Raoh3343d ago

played it on the ps2 (had it running on 2 ps2's for my son and i) got it on my backward compatible ps3 when i had a BC PS3. and also had it on my 360.

i'm pretty much done with ffxi...

interesting is seeing what squares next mmo might be though.