Not Metal Gear Solid but just Metal Gear Raiden?

PS3-Sense writes: "Okay, this story begins very complicated, but nevertheless it always starts to be interesting. We had just received new hints about Hideo Kojima's project. In this post you could read in that two new letters are added, the P and R, and suddenly we saw Big Boss along flash."

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silverchode3406d ago

grown up sunny teamin up with raidens kid xD

Josh3603406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )


HolaTarola3406d ago

Man.. I'm starting to believe you're right..

Look.. In this image of Famitsu everyone thinks it's Raiden, BUT in the pic his eyes are brown, AND Raiden have BLUE eyes.. Sunny have brown eyes, just like the ones in the pic AND that face look like a WOMAN'S face, I know, Raiden isn't very masculine but.. Could it be?!?!?!

lukeb4dunk3406d ago

in the other article, but I'll say it again here.

I think the two images are of Big Boss and Grey Fox.

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FantasyStar3406d ago

AHH STOP THE TEASING!!! PLEASE STOP IT!!!!! It hurts my soul because all this anticipation is borderline "nuke".

Jumper10803406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

i cant wait to see the crazy looking in game cut scenes

cmrbe3406d ago

this time i want a two hour ending cutscene.

The MGS4 ending despite being reported to be 45 minutes long felt like only 5 minutes because it was so EPIC. Before i know it it was over and i wanted more.

steck673406d ago

Man, I dont care if it's Big Boss or Raiden, as long as Kojima is developing the game, then the game will be day one, no doubt.

CobraKai3406d ago

The one character who was, at one point, universally loathed for being the main character in MGS2, is now one of the most desired playable characters in Metal Gear

FantasyStar3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

Personally, I love Raiden. He invited another perspective to the MGS world from an Average Joe's perspective. I have no idea what the beef is with Rose. I found her constant nagging incredibly funny and realistic. Makes me wonder if people who dislike Raiden and Rose even have girlfriends of their own, cause I related to Raiden very well and could empathize Rose's emotions during that time.

And then there's the "dammit Rose, not now!" moments and the "you choose NOW TO BRING THIS UP!?!" moments as well.

cmrbe3406d ago

everyone i am sure want to play as him. That fight cutscene with Vamp at the end of act 2 was the best ever fight cutscene i have ever seen anywhere. Amazing.

CobraKai3405d ago

I was actually one of the few that liked playing as Raiden. It felt cool playing along side Snake. Yeah and the Vamp fight trumps most live action fight scenes

cmrbe3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

What do you guys think?.

Edit: Haha nice one. But seriously. Riden might actually be a clone of Frank.

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