WhatIfGaming Infamous Review: "Run-and-Shock Gameplay"

Usman Ihtsham of writes: "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. This is exactly what Sucker Punch does in their new title: 'inFAMOUS', the latest hero platform action adventure to hit the Sony PlayStation 3 console."


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pixelsword3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

If they finished it, they could at least show a small part of the street in a "before" and "after" state to show how the city will improve when you do good.

At any rate, it seems like this review was an honest effort; although I don't entirely agree with the overall conclusion.

TOO PAWNED3369d ago

lol are you an idiot? It is called "SPOILER"! How about they show us last boss and how you beat him?!!! That is geat idea.....NOT! You are a joke.

Jdoki3369d ago

Well, for those of us that have avoided previews and hype for this game, and are waiting for the Friday release...

Thanks for the Spoiler!! Dumbass!

Perjoss3369d ago

maybe we could get a mod in here to avoid this game getting spoiled for anymore people?

Jdoki3369d ago

@ Perjoss: Do we even have mods on N4G :P

I'm getting pretty annoyed with having to avoid this site every time a major game is released.

Some idiot has to give away the ending or spoil the twists etc etc. I suppose it's no surprise, considering some of the idiots that post on this site, but the one time you expect the mods to react quickly, and where the hell are they?

For big games I always avoid the previews and hype, as I want to know as little as possible about a AAA game before I play it. I've read a couple of reviews and none of them mentioned the info Pixelsword gave away.

Resistance 2, Bioshock and Gears 2 had their endings revealed on this site in the comments; it's unacceptable.

Spoiling the ending or giving away info is far worse than calling soemone a 'Droid' or 'Bot' in the Gamer Zone and the mods should react accordingly.

pixelsword3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

A Demo is a spoiler, you moron; did you play the demo for inFAMOUS? Huh? Did you? Were there powers in the demo that won't be there when you first play the game? Isn't that a spoiler? Then what are you whining about if things are revealed before you get to that point yourself? You don't even know how stupid you sound.

If you can even read, the review itself was a spoiler; in for a penny, in for a pound, fanboy. Showing a small piece of a street isn't the whole game, isn't the "final boss" and wouldn't ruin the game for people who would like to see it.

Jdoki3369d ago

Is the changing state of the city in the demo? If not then mentioning it is a Spoiler and you were out of line.

I've read 3 reviews now, and none of them mentioned it.

I only played the demo for about 5mins to check out the controls; so if the city changing is in the demo then I guess it's up for discussion on this site. However I'll certainly be avoiding N4G in future whenever games I want to play are launched.

pixelsword3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

Did whatifgaming review the demo? If not, then I'm on topic.

I don't even have a copy yet and barely been following the game until of late and I know that much because it's already been reported.

If you don't want to know what even the Developers stated then don't click article about it. If you already knew you wanted to get the game and if you knew you didn't want to know anything else about it if you had any intelligence you wouldn't click on any articles about it. It's your responsibility to keep yourself from reading spoilers, not mine. To try to say that I spoiled something that was known before the game came out is where YOU are out of line... like I'm supposed to know that everyone read and didn't read.

You are just uneasy about buying the game so you are going to every positive review to convince yourself that it's a good game instead of thinking for yourself and just buying it off of your convinctions. Reading three or so reviews should have been enough, but since this is the umphteenth review off of a relatively small site, I'm sure you're trying to convince yourself.

That info that I said been out for at the very least one month when the devs were talking about the Karma System.

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Legendary-Status3369d ago

Infamous Look Great...another Tripple A Game for the PS3...

SL1M DADDY3369d ago

And can say one thing. This game is awesome. The demo had me hooked and now the retail game is just absolutely crazy fun.

lh_swe3369d ago

I'm soo excited, loved the demo, the reviews are good with a few exceptions nitpicking at pop-in and a weak story, while other sources state that the story is awesome. I'm going to stick with awesome and hope I am right.

pixelsword3369d ago

The puny sites are starting to catch-on that a bad review for a good game makes up for their poor writing skills and lack of Alexa rating.

JoyiusHammer3365d ago

Pixelsword, and fat people like you don't catch-on to the fact that Alexa does not mean anything, your critiques are pointless like your existence to live, and that you being a PS3 fanboy doesn't help either.

FYI it isn't a puny site and it gets 6 million unique users or so every month if you bothered checking their google track. But of course stupid people like you would only know as much as Alexa. Pixelsword? More like Pixel-Junk. Fu*k off back to or whichever PUNY site YOU came from.

pixelsword3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

Look at the first post, which was me:

"At any rate, it seems like this review was an honest effort; although I don't entirely agree with the overall conclusion."

Why would I call it an honest effort if I though the writing was poor?

#2. I've written articles for Sony in their Advisory Panel, to which I helped shaped a few games and Playstation home. Please don't take it as bragging, because being an actual developer is something to brag about; but you asked, so I answered.