High Voltage Software announces The Grinder

HVS has announced The Grinder with 4 player online co-op multiplayer, MotionPlus support, WiiSpeak likely

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avantgarde843098d ago

Game looks better than Gladiator A.D.

ultra643098d ago

I thought the same thing but i really liked Left 4 Dead on my Xbox360 so i might be able to enjoy this title on my Wii.

SinnedNogara3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

Looks like Legendary and Left 4 Dead put together, except....better (maybe better than L4D, but certainly a lot better than Legendary).

FinalomegaS3098d ago

These guys have talent or they are just not as lazy as alot of wii devs.

Want to see in action.

qface643098d ago

sounds pretty good
the thing i like most about HVS is that they are actually trying unlike some of the other devs

ultra643098d ago

Very true. They really know how to please the core Wii crowd I'll give them that.

ultra643098d ago

The IGN interview is really good, Motionplus, 4 player splitscreen co-op? This is seriously the Wii's Left 4 Dead.

quantumriian3098d ago

Wiispeak, MotionPlus, 100's of enemies (1000's?), 4 Player online co-op, 2 player splitscreen co-op, controls more customizable, buckets of ass-kicking...

I wonder if they'll have online versus modes or if its just co-op, and what about DLC- lots of devs have already said its possible now with System 4.0

Product3098d ago

Q your right now with system 4 the possibilities are really open now for devs. Remember HVS did state that they do want dlc in games but couldn't do it with the Conduit. Expect map packs or something similar.

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The story is too old to be commented.