Metal Gear Famitsu Article Translation

We've rounded up the latest translations from the Famitsu article showcasing Kojima's latest Metal Gear game. We have uncovered a few new details.


Story updated again to include even more translation.

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The General3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

It is over. Sony has done it.

"It's going to be 1 game PSP and 1 PS3 with interconnectivity between the two. They hinted at advances in story by playing through both. The New Metal gear takes place about 7 years after MGS4."

E3 belongs to Sony!

Big LOL @ 360 owners: " I think I see a 3 6 0"

Now there's another game 360 owners will want a port of. Doesn't it suck always wanting to have a port of something?
That's why I Play Beyond.

Blaze9293403d ago

translations helped my anxiety just a tad bit! Come on E3!

ThunderSpark3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Then +bubbles for all PS3 owners. Great time to go out and by a PS3 because GOT-Century has been confirmed. This and Uncharted 2??? I'm going to suite Sony for putting me in irreversible debt. I should have known buying a PS3 would kill my wallet.


ONLY BIG BOSS IS THE TRUE HERO !!! @ Moo7a-Seven:Yeah man, nice photo, you are totally right! MGS5 THE BEST VIDEO GAME IN HISTORY !!!

cmrbe3403d ago

Solid is the only True Hero.

xwabbit3403d ago

Man after freaking friday when i finish college ima start playing MGS4 again(cant play infamous for now :(.. dont got $.... *crying*)

OmarJA3403d ago

No it's Solid Snake...

They've found him a cure.

jwatt3403d ago

So what do th letters stand for or do they not say in the scans?

RememberThe3573403d ago

As much as I love Snake, I am happy with how his story ended. I'm not sure I want to play as him anymore. At least not yet.

And guess what? We're supposed to be getting MGS4 DLC and the long awaited trophy support as well. If this is true I'm not sure I could be any happier with MSG4.

cmrbe3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Its....OCTOCON!!!!. Hehe.

No, But seriously. Octocon is another BB Clone!!.

Edit: Omega. The problem is the eyepatch. Both Snake and Liquid are not perfect clones as well of BB. Solidus is the only perfect clone.

Omegasyde3403d ago

I think its more likely to be liquid snake. He was a clone of big boss, too.

Perhaps the patriots had his body all along just like big boss.

DailyAddict3403d ago

seems like the article has been updated to include a few extra translations. Pretty interesting stuff

BkaY3403d ago

this is awesomeness at its peak.... MGS 5.

fuk this .. get back to mgs4 for 6th time...


JoySticksFTW3403d ago

Imagine the move-set available to that cyborg ninja :)

Mainman3403d ago

Watch the renders of Raiden and Big Boss.

Those renders look better than Raiden and Old Snake from MGS4. I doubt this game will be multi-platfrom or go PSP.

Remember GDC, Kojima's keynote? He wants to go better technically from MGS4 (better physics, graphics etc). So I am thinking it will be exclusive to the PS3.

TwistedMetal3403d ago

ps3 is the only console you need this gen we get all the games from othere consoles with more content and better graphics and quality and then we have all the exclusives like these that come out that can only be played on the ps3. ps3 is so awesome and really is what this gen is about and thats the games.

Lifendz3403d ago

360 owners are getting the Ballad of Gay Tony for GTA4. Seems like an even split to me


Christopher3403d ago

What's with the skull shaped 'map' in the badge on his head?

morganfell3403d ago

They are going to do what they can on the PSP2. Not the 360. Every indicator is that the game is a Sony exclusive. The new system is a PSP2.

Why dis3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

You do know the original info was fake made up by PS3 fanboys and the info has been edited since then right?

LOL @#1 "It's going to be 1 game PSP and 1 PS3 with interconnectivity between the two. They hinted at advances in story by playing through both. The New Metal gear takes place about 7 years after MGS4."

Thats one of the fake parts lol.

Killjoy30003403d ago

His enhanced aging has nothing to do with Fox Die or any kind of nanomachine injections. It's simply the way his aging was designed. Not to mention the fact that 3 months after the events of MGS4 *SPOILER SPOILER* (Snake will become a walking biological weapon).

But one of the cool things about the MGS universe is that it's so flexible that they can really do anything they wanted to. It's ground in reality, but there's also so many unreal things that can happen. That's part of the beauty of Metal Gear Solid.

GameGambits3403d ago

That image of "old man" is NOT Big Boss. Solid Snake didn't lose either of his eyes in MGS4 he just wore the solid eye on that left eye of his, because well that's the eye it went over. It'd make sense that snake in that image is just using face camo once again to cover up his old age.

In truth I could see this as Snake is Raiden's Campbell. He'll be on the frequency and be giving out the mission to Raiden for whatever it is. As for the symbol on his hat it has a skull with a picture of the world or a certain country? I would imagine the last mission Raiden needs to touch on and Snake has to deal with is finding the Philosophers Legacy. I doubt Liquid wasted it all in MGS4s plot so that cash has to be somewhere.

Expect it to be a sneaking game with more advances too. I doubt it'll be a cyboring Ninja fest lol--that's not Metal Gear in game mechanics. :P

Either way 100% stoked!

morganfell3402d ago

zlatko, I doubt this is Solid Snake. Kojima put him to rest in the last game. I think for personal reasons he is going to leave him behind. He also said this game spans the entire time line of Metal Gear. That time line begins with the Boss and then Big Boss. Solid Snake wasn't even in the test tube near Carlsbad Caverns at that time.

morganfell3402d ago

Killjoy300, you are incorrect. There was no time limit given to Snake when the new strain of Foxdie would go active. In fact he was told he may die of natural causes first.

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- Ghost of Sparta -3403d ago

Color me cummed all over my effing pants.

kaelix3403d ago

spartan monster jizz =\

RememberThe3573403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

your comment reminded me of Color Me Badd. It took me back.

@Spartan: That was a bit more graphic then I needed...

Sarcasm3403d ago

"Color me cummed all over my effing pants."

Color me disgusted.


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fr0sty3403d ago

This could still come to 360, but the PS3 version will have exclusive connectivity with PSP, we at least can rely on that.

gintoki7773403d ago

you are funny coming to the 360 how bout my dream cast why cant they port mgs4 to that huh! My nes could use a dumbed down version to.
lets get this down to the bottom line this game is not going to the 360 for a while if it is at all.

patterson3403d ago

Frosty, I doubt it since Kojima commented before how even Blu-ray @ 50 GB couldn't fit everything he wanted to on MGS4.

And besides: http://www.princeofspades.n...

ChunkyMunky3403d ago

r u serious the dude who was shttin in a barrel in act 1, just saying that is blasphemous blasphemous = my word of the day =D

DMasta7183403d ago

But he did become a Temporary bad ass near the end

Bloodshedder3403d ago

come on Akiba???? maybe solidus...

Ill wait for a more reliable source

OmarJA3403d ago

Solidus is dead, burned &...

Poor bastard.