Gray Fox returns in next Metal Gear Title

Raiden not shown in latest Famitsu.

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-x.Red.x-3368d ago

i can't see his red eye..

either way that could clear up

George Sears3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

Like I said before on the other article; it does not make any sense whatsoever if hey show us an image of a young Big Boss from his low 40's and an image of "Raiden".

This is most likely Frank Jaeger aka Null aka Gray Fox since he and Big Boss had a very close relationship during Portable Ops and there after. Big Boss doesn't even know who the hell Raiden is.

This is most likely a few years after the San Hieronymo incident. Probably involves the creation of the Foxhound unit or his participation on the Vietnam War.

gauntletpython3368d ago

Few things though - the Snake look alike in the teaser has blue eyes, Big Boss has green.

The game takes place 7 years after MGS4. Also, Raiden's son has brownish eyes as well...

Shane Bettenhausen3368d ago

Make me feel it..make me feel alive, again!
Now we can fight as warriors.
Hand to hand.
It is the basis of all combat.
Only a fool trusts his life to a weapon.

Adonaeus3368d ago

Honestly, it makes no sense for Raiden to be on the teaser site with young BB. Kojima could have made them definitively different though. Not that he's ever been one to let his fans off easy.

TrevorPhillips3368d ago

n4g is packed with kojimas articles lol

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