High Voltage's other new Wii game - First screenshots/art

Yep, High Voltage Software is at it again. After revealing Gladiator A.D. for the Wii last night, the company has decided to pull back the curtain on another one of their projects.

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knox3287d ago


game of the forever?!

this looks AWESOME!

qface643286d ago

personally i didn't like that gladiator AD much but this one >_< i like the way this one looks
its gonna be another game to add to my list and its already getting full
damn why did i have to loose my job why D;

ZuperAmazingCooKie3286d ago

That is, if they want a grateful audience.

cooke153286d ago

no cookie. It will be appreciated on Wii.

TheBand1t3286d ago

Cookie, go back to reading Sony news and let Wii owners have their good news you chump. :/

N4g_null3286d ago

ZuperAmazingCooKie you mean grateful like how you guys are bashing square? You mean grateful like how you guys are ignoring 90% of the games that are coming out and only talking about killzone 2, uncharted, etc... Now MGS what ever? It pretty obvious you guys have your hype metter full and HVS would be treated like midway on the HD systems, It's funny also because I believe midway is not to far from them.

I mean we are getting TvsC from capcom and monster hunter and we are excited about it. You may not see it online but you will see it in real life. It's really pointless to talk about gaming online right now because of the flood of HD gamers that don't really understand what it means to be a fan of gaming rather than a brand supporter.

For the price of one HD game it seems they are doing like 3 sd games and they all look pretty fun too! All new IPs also. Capcom is here also the others better figure out what they are going to do before these guys build up a war chest!

forum_crawler3286d ago

Nice looking game, I am interested!

Now, now, MGS4 was an awesome movie! don't hate!!!!

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Cajun Chicken3287d ago

Some of those screenshots look very Serious Sam enemy count like. Conclusion...THIS LOOKS FREAKING AWESOME!

knox3287d ago


i seriously love high voltage software.

SinnedNogara3286d ago

Looks like Legendary, except good.

TheBand1t3286d ago

What, you don't like rubber werewolves?

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The story is too old to be commented.