Famitsu Teases Raiden and Big Boss Counting Down To Sony E3 Press Conference

Gamervision writes: "The current countdown on Kojima's site has a clock counting down from 116 hours. At this point (10PM on Tuesday night), that puts the end of that clock sometime around dinnertime Sunday the 31st. Now, that would seem to be the time Raiden will be revealed to all, thus starting the next countdown of 36 hours. That should end Tuesday morning, or June 2nd, which many of you may know is the day Sony will be holding their press conference. Coincidence? I think not."

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gamesblow3344d ago

Good diversion... It's not MGS, though. Remember that, folks. Don't get your hopes up. It's different. And it's also not going to be on the xbox 360. 100% Sony exclusive... Naysayers begin.

AznSniper3344d ago

Metal Gear Raiden (MGR and not MGS)

The General3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

If Sony secures this as a PS3 and PSP exclusive then Microsoft's E3 showing is over. They might as well pack up like HD-Dvd did when they learned that Blu-Ray gained another exclusive. Then the 360 fanboys will begin saying that they don't need exclusives that muli-platforms and DLC is where it's at. Lol.

Wait, they already do that ...
Play Beyond not Behind

- Ghost of Sparta -3344d ago

What do you mean it's not MGS? These pictures came from a Famitsu magazine which reports ONLY on PSP and PS3 games.

AznSniper3344d ago

The translation of the Kojima interview says that Kojima is working on a different platform, and since it is in the PlayStation section, I think this game will be for the PSP.

gamesmaster3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

ok so MGR and a possible MGS5 or whatever, now i think its possible one is multiplat and one is ps3 exclusive.. meaning the first announcement is the multiplat, and the second is the metal gear sony announcement to soften the blow for fanboys

i like my ps3, but i think konami want to test the water with an mgs spinoff on the 360 aswell.

i could be completely wrong, i'm just speculating..

Mainman3344d ago

Look at the renders of Big Boss and Raiden in the Famitsu magazine and the Kojima teaser site. How is that gonna be a PSP game with those renders?

Those 2 renders look even better than the Old Snake and Raiden renders from MGS4.

Hockey113344d ago

I thought you disappeared.

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The General3344d ago

I just creamed myself in anticipation!!!

If its exclusive. Then its official: Nothing on the 360 will be any good this year and next year.

The Great Melon3344d ago

Don't count Alan Wake out yet. Still hoping that it will be out by the end of next year.

PirateThom3344d ago

But it's locked to the Slim PS3, for easy Portability.

peedie163344d ago

I hope they put the gekko in this one those thing were like super cool

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