Kojima Teaser Site Reveals… PS3?

There are 3 letters that are instantly distinguishable quickly flashed in the latest Kojima Productions teaser countdown, 3 letters that PlayStation 3 owners should know very well…

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-x.Red.x-3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

on the famitsu scan

there is also 360....

who knows where it would go..

EDIT:thanks N4PS3G

yup might be multi...

Why dis3367d ago

I doubt the game being revealed and the fact its coming to PS3 is the grand finale of the countdown while its still ticking. I agree with you.

Johnny Rotten3367d ago

I see a 3 and a 0 that's all?

-x.Red.x-3367d ago

look at the 6 on the right

cronaldo73367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

Below Raiden pic: 3,0
Above Big Boss pic: 5,0,6,P,e

cmrbe3367d ago

or 5?. I can't tell. I think its a 5 for MGR5. Who cares anyways. Its another MGS game and to me that is all that matters for now.

Why dis3367d ago

The next countdown will reveal what some hope for or fear.

I just hope the new game has more action with solid with gameplay mechanics.

Moo7a-Seven3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

The best video game in the history

PLASTICA-MAN3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

ONLY BIG BOSS IS THE TRUE HERO !!! @ Moo7a-Seven:Yeah man, nice photo, you are totally right! MGS5 THE BEST VIDEO GAME IN HISTORY !!!

-x.Red.x-3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

that P,S,3 doesn't really "mean" ps3 only

i'm now just being "Realistic"

- Ghost of Sparta -3367d ago

The final countdown will end on Tuesday morning, same day as Sony's E3 press conference.

jwatt3367d ago

Yea that's 360, I think it will be multiplatform.

FunkyBunch3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

I could be wrong, but the "6" looks photo-shopped to me.

Mu5afir3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago ) And the other article is a CLEAR photoshop work.. as the site has the letters "P S 3 e" and after countdown will probably be "PS3" Exclusive. It's still all up in the air, but here is to hoping it's a new metal gear game.

bushfan3367d ago

i was watching the web page around 10 minutes..and i didn't see any "0" or "6" number..only P, R, S, e, and 3.... well raiden isn't there too, maybe we must wait a little; Only god ..ehm i mean kojima know it :P

mrlakadaddy3367d ago

just checked out the actual site....photoshopped

Rock Bottom3367d ago

The thing in your avatar, what is it?

GrandTheftZamboni3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

From the flash animation, I couldn't see any 0 or 6. I've watched it for 30 min :) There is a random display of P-R-E-e-S-3 chars in that video. The only recognizable pattern that comes from time to time is "e3" and "PS3", which is bound to happen anyway. If the countdown coincides with Sony conference at e3, the message could be: (At) e3 PS3 E(xclusive) R(aiden?)

But I've been wrong before.

really duh3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

The 3.6.0. is in the magazine its plain as day. Posting clues from the unfinished countdown from the teaser site doesn't prove any point.

1.16 That is fake the real translation was posted after that and is on the front page at a hotter temp.

The Great Melon3367d ago

@Rock Bottum
I believe that is Motoko Kusanagi from the anime Ghost in the Shell.

Game13a13y3367d ago

please don't make this game for the 360, please! we don't want another gimped down version of a masterpiece! (aka. FF 13)

mal_tez923367d ago

E P R e S 3

They were the only characters as well as Big Boss' face

No 6 or 0 like in the magazine, must be shopped.

kazan3367d ago

lol people here are funny hahaha i really couldn't stop lol when i saw the pic with the 3 6 0 thing, he he, Xbox owners must really want this game

Mainman3367d ago

Watch the renders of Raiden and Big Boss.

Those renders look better than Raiden and Old Snake from MGS4. I doubt this game will be multi-platfrom or go PSP.

Remember GDC, Kojima's keynote? He wants to go better technically from MGS4 (better physics, graphics etc). So I am thinking it will be exclusive to the PS3.

PS360PCROCKS3367d ago

lol it's funny how many disagrees you get Red for simply pointing something out that is absolutely true. It does say 360 in the picture.

ia_studio3367d ago

kojima is such an attention whore, such a confusing teaser site ive never seen anything like it

FOXDIE3367d ago

E 3 e P 5 R (s) 3 5 E P R e (s) P (s) 5 E R 3 e (s) 5 3 e E P R (s) e 5 3 E (s) P R (s) 3 (s) R 5 e E P (s)

5 = can be number 5 or letter S
(s) = when snakes face comes on screen

RSX3367d ago

But there is no picture of raiden on it either, my guess is that when raiden gets introduced into the teaser site, the 6 and the 0 MAY appear.

This game mite come to the 360, nobody knows for sure yet

GameGambits3367d ago

The letter 'R' appears on the site now for me. I don't know if it does for anyone else.

I saw:

5/S(could be either)
and R

In no particular order by the way, but I saw all of those as well as the image of the old man.

Sarcasm3367d ago

That's funny, there isn't a 6 or a 0 in the actual teaser site. Something's fishy. (photoshop)

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DJ3367d ago

Either way, this is awesome!

ehkinoh3367d ago

Though if an "X" appeared I think a lot of people would mess their pants...

Salta_nelas3367d ago

People who are desperate to get MSG out of PS exclusive status should just get a PS3 to play them...but i guess they dont even care about the game and just want to gloat.

I am very curious to see in what this riddle will reveal...Kojima must be having a blast!

fear883367d ago

Do 360 owners think they are fooling anyone that they would buy MGS on the 360 if it came out?

They will gloat over it and not buy it because they will claim that "it sucks compared to Gears of War"

Its simple

You either buy the game for the fact its an excellent game regardless of the system.


You don't buy the game because you have an idiotic ideology that X CORPORATION is Evil and Y CORPORATION is good. And that justifying a purchase is as important as the system game case it comes in.

Dragun6193367d ago

If it is a PS3 exclusive then I hope they fill up the 50gb blu ray disc or go further than that and make a 75gb blu ray disc. Either way I can't wait for what ever Kojima has to show at E3.

Typical-Guy3367d ago

I doubt that Kojima would sacrifice QUALITY for money ... I mean he is already rich .

Sarcasm3367d ago

Let's hope so. And people are easily forgetting that Kojima claimed that they can still push the PS3 further.

Look at MGS2 on PS2 and then MGS3. MGS3 had bigger environments, better textures, better lighting, better character models, etc. etc.

It's not very far fetched to think that this MGS5 game will be a significant improvement over MGS4. Which to me is going to be F'in amazing!

If this game is indeed multiplatform, then I'll shake my head at Kojima but definitely will buy it anyway lol.