IGN: Alien Vs. Predator Preview


The basic concept remains the same. Aliens, a Predator and a number of Colonial Marines are mixing it up and you have the opportunity to play as each faction. This time around, there is a strict linear story which plays out Call of Duty style, switching between perspectives after each level. One of the Predator's holy temples has been defiled by the Marines, who in turn have accidentally awakened the ancient Alien Queen living in it bowels. The first batch of "junior" predators storm in and get slaughtered by the Aliens. And thus, one of the elite alien-hunting Predators is sent in to clean up the mess....

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JayTe 1233371d ago

can't wait for this one...

Man_of_the_year3371d ago

Loved AvP gold on the PC. They don't even make that game anymore. I tried to find it but couldn't anywhere. I can't wait for this game. I hope they go back to AvP gold roots. First day buy for me.

Storm233370d ago

I hope this game truns out to be amazing.

greenmeanie3369d ago

I cannot wait! This game is going to be awesome!