Raiden 4 Coming to North America on Xbox 360

1up: Hot on the heels of Valcon Games' release of Raiden Fighters Aces for Xbox 360 comes UFO Interactive confirming to us that they'll be bringing Raiden 4 to the American market, also for Microsoft's system.

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Godmars2903373d ago

DVD. Hopefully only $40. Shame on all concerned if its $60.

360DownINflames3373d ago

What did we learn this generation M$? You cant buy games forever!!! Very good now hire some programmers and designers and start building your studio from scratch. Maybe one day you'll be up by Sony but you have a very long way to go.

360 has just about died. Everyone is selling them and for good reason. Hasnt been anything new on that console for a very long time.

The Lazy One3373d ago

raiden was announced for XBLA a while ago.

about time we heard more about it. AWESOME.

badkolo3373d ago

the 06 is probably for june, ps3 june 3rd when is sony's e3 show????

i doubt its 360 related. mgs4 wont do well, it will be over a year old, old ports just arent a hit. when i wanted to play mgs 4 I did so, on my ps3, now not everyone can do so but that leaves out a minor few and out of those few only a few would buy the port.

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The story is too old to be commented.