Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Leaked

Kouli from Gamefaqs has posted pictures of the front and back cover of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days showing that the game has indeed been leaked.

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BLuKhaos3314d ago

Man I can't wait to download this and play this from my acekard.

SpoonyRedMage3314d ago

Wow, you should really buy the game if you enjoy it otherwise you damage the potential of getting any more when they refuse to develop games because of piracy.

kesvalk3314d ago

if gonna pirate the game, then keep it quiet...

i really don't care about it, but some ppl could get quite emotive...

Legendary-Status3314d ago

Can't wait for this and Birth By Sleep...

[email protected]3314d ago

Seriously, I'm saing money for that special reason... PSP special bundle anyone? Maybe with the new PSP-model... *drools*

jkoz3313d ago

I wouldn't be so quick to say this is leaked... I don't see it online =P It was just "sold early"... lol