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Forrest Gump3253d ago

No,thank you God for making Hideo Kojima.

- Ghost of Sparta -3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Where are all the Metal Gear Rising believers? Hopefully now you'll realize that this IS Big Boss and he's looking quite young in comparison to how he appears in Guns of the Patriots. Matter of fact, he's even wearing the uniform he was given at the end of Snake Eater. This could mean that we'll be looking at a sequel to MGS3, which cancels out Raiden.

Obama3253d ago

"other way around"

Thank Kojima for making god.

morganfell3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Two games are coming - One PSP and one PS3. That is why people are being confused. One game is a Raiden title and one is a title that fleshes out more of the Big Boss story.

And Big Boss is by far the most interesting and tragic character in the Metal Gear universe.

- Ghost of Sparta -3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Ah you're right it's two games, one for PSP and one for PS3. http://playstationlifestyle...

You can't have both characters in the same time frame though, unless they're making a fighting game LOL!

THE-JAGON3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

MGS5: chronicles of the patriots

morganfell3253d ago

Big Boss only looks a little older than at the end of MGS3. Likely this is set well before Metal Gear. Payton talked about the possibilities for Big Boss during the MGS4 press tour. I guess people were not listening. Also look at the beret flash. That isn't Foxhound.

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jesuisankit3253d ago

Is it gonna be MGS Portable ops 2 for the PSP?? I am really hoping its for the PS3 and 360

cryymoar3253d ago

i think everyone would rather it stay on the PS3.

joeymp3253d ago

THE "e" STANDS FOR @ (at) (not so sure about this one)

IaMs123253d ago

Im just pretty sure you and Sony fanboys just want it for PS3, i dont blame you for whinning if another exculsive goes multi. Its the same thing for the 360 boys too, it works both ways. MS and Sony, a lot of people do not realize it yet though but they really are just about the same company. Its buisness they go where the money is. If you think one company is better then the other, your in for a disappointment, i can tell you that now.

Warwager3253d ago

At 1st, I was kinda sad to see the same storm/rain except this time a lil heavier, then I wasn't disappointed.

Big Boss' face just lit up my day :P

O, and there's a new letter/symbol: R

What could it stand for :O

Rockstar3253d ago

I'm pretty sure a P flashes as well.

Sangria3253d ago (Edited 3253d ago )

Copied from my previous comments:

I think it's pretty obvious now.

We have two new letters: P and R.
(those are not fakes, it's just that the countdown stopped due to thee bandwidth)

Which makes in overall: P, R, E, S, e and 3.

Btw, on Big Boss' hat is written "Militaires Sans Frontières", which means in french "Militaries Without Frontier". And the letters, P, R, E and S point to the full word: SERPENT, which means in french... SNAKE.
A Metal Gear Solid in France? :D

Forrest Gump3253d ago

The Letters spell out PS3 ;)

xwabbit3253d ago


blind-reaper3253d ago

@4.2 -

or PS3 RE... MAKE

VegaShinra3253d ago

Could also spell Portable...

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