Are Fanboys Afraid of Competition?

" is confident that many people can agree with them when they make this statement. This generation of consoles has gotten quite ugly. For whatever reason, the dispute of which company has the better system between Microsoft and Sony has been going back and forth for quite some time now, and honestly it doesn't seem as if things will smooth out any time soon. It's one thing to have an intelligent debate with another person, presenting facts and supporting your reasoning as to why you believe a particular system is better, but when that conversation turns into a heated argument with practically no sense of intelligence, a lack of factual evidence, or a complete disregard of accepting some truths that may contradict some beliefs, then that conversation has downgraded to nothing but a bunch of fanboy banter that is, for the most part, unable to be rectified."

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ipwnall3342d ago

Even though some idiotic fanboys can't see this as not true, it isn't. We crave competition, it makes games better. If Microsoft or Sony didn't have each other, the other wouldn't be working harder to beat their opponent. We need competition, whether we like it or not. It simply makes better games.

Nick2120043342d ago

So you are admitting that your a fanboy?

Godmars2903342d ago

They make things up, then stick by them regardless of any new evidence.