Tomonobu Itagaki and crew return with a new team and Xbox 360 game

Hames Mielke from 1UP writes:

"When I recently found myself with a little free time wandering the streets of Tokyo, I gave some ex-Team NINJA members a call to see what they were up to. After all, what Tomonobu Itagaki and his loyal band of producers, designers, programmers, and artists most recent projct has been a mystery since the last time I interviewed him, back in July of last year.

Some obvious questions were on my mind, like, "Is Itagaki working on a new game?" "Is it for Xbox 360 or has he moved on to other platforms?" "Does he have a new team, and, if so, what is it called?" "

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Elven63367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

Itagaki despite his is attitude is a really cool game developer, good to see his is back!

Edit: Itagaki did say he wanted to make a World War II game from Japan's perspective, like Clint Eastwood/Letters from Iwo Jima. It would be cool to see that especially if portrayed properly and not like how many western developers have done so with the war.

Bnet3433367d ago

This is sweet! Ninja Gaiden is ace, I hope he makes something similar but more flashy like DMC.

Halo3 MLG Pro3367d ago

Yes that would be sweet to get a game from a Japanese soldiers perspective.

7thNightvolley3367d ago

He is back.. i loved NG2 and he is bk.. and now with a 360 game mostly.. well from the interview he talked about having gd friends in Microsoft game studios.. what ever .. just make me a gd game ... i am all waiting .. :D

IdleLeeSiuLung3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

oohhhh, I'm excited! I'm a huge NG2 fan and still kicking it on Master Ninja.

I was wondering what happened to Itagaki, but looks like he took the best and left the rest at Tecmo. Sounds like it might be a multiplatform game though. That means more fun for everyone!

I hope it isn't a WWII game. WWII is sooo overdone...

3367d ago
BLuKhaos3366d ago

That's cool, Xboxers can keep Itagaki and us Playstationers keep Kojima;That way both sides can have great exclusives that works to each console's potential.

AAACE53366d ago

A lot of people hate Itagaki, his personality could make anyone feel that way. But once you understand what kind of guy he is and what he tries to accomplish... Only an idiot would be able to find a way to hate him!

After Ninja Gaiden 2 came out, I downloaded those videos about him and his team, "Way of the Ninja" or something like that. After watching them, I gained a new found respect for him.

I was hoping he would land a new gig, because he has always pushed other developers to try harder. You gotta respect the way he just calls out the entire industry and tells them they are making crappy games! Either way you look at it, he helps us get better games to play.

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Green Lantern23367d ago

Itagki is a 360fanboy i can't wait to see what he is working on.

Elven63367d ago

He isn't a 360 fanboy, he is a Xbox brand fanboy :p I wonder if his studio will be backed by Microsoft any, Itagaki is really the only true friend Microsoft Games Studios has in the region afterall.

iWillNotBeIgnored3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

he's just trying to be a "rebel".
EDIT: Which is lame. Get over it dude you're a grown man. You ain't in High School anymore.

Elven63367d ago

Itagaki is a modern day bad boy Japanese greaser who values Japanese customs, if you f**k with him he will blow your ass up!!11!!!!

phosphor1123367d ago

he wouldn't be so pompous and arrogant. He has no idea what console he favors. First he said PS3 was weak, then he said 360 wasn't enough to do what he wanted for NG2. I say he just sucks. DOA has not progressed since DOA2, and NG2 wasn't as amazing as the first. He isn't good and he thinks he is. Get over it Itagaki.

SL1M DADDY3366d ago

The guy really needs some counseling so he can get back on track. Makes me wonder if he had a father that abused him. He just seems so torn up inside.

kevnb3366d ago

Japanese are very arrogant people, don't kid yourself.

phosphor1123366d ago

And if they do feel like they are better, its probably because everything they have IS better. Better internet, better technology, better entertainment, better heatlhcare, education, hell what about their cars? It's not arrogance, its pride. Arrogance is something we are, the western world. We put our noses into every single affair, because we feel like we can. They tend to themselves, and see how they are? They thrive unlike us. That is the difference between the west and Japan.

shocky163366d ago

They and MS have a great relationship!

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N4PS3G3367d ago

Hell YEAH!!! The master is back!

Forrest Gump3367d ago

I really hope he spends more time working on his next game.

xino3367d ago

I know.

I laughed when he said this:

"1UP: Could you give me a year when you plan for your next game to be complete?

TI: Rule of thumb; never rush a game. You know, that, right?"

Never rush a game, but he did with NG2! And it turned out to be a piece of trash!

Ironic isn't it

Elven63367d ago

He had no choice, it was revealed literally a week before launch the behind the scenes drama happening between Itagaki and his boss. He knew ahead of time he was leaving so he screwed Tecmo over.

That being said NG II still wasn't that bad, not as good as Ninja Gaiden but not mediocre either.

kevnb3366d ago

ng2 being a piece of trash lol, ya right. It wasnt quite up to his level of completion, but considering what was happening behind the scenes he did the best he could.

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