New BioShock Footage

Unseen gameplay footage from BioShock (first two minutes).

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highps33981d ago

Oh how M$ games are all hyped beyond anything. Every game is like the NEW BEST GAME EVER..

lol seriously they are though. Guess thats Microsofts non stop annoying advertising plan... Just annoy them until they buy it... Its somewhat working.

jib3981d ago

who buys games after being annoyed by them? how does that even make sense?

hulk_bash19873981d ago

Sorry man I have to agree. That was a very convoluted statement, It doesnt make any sense.

Hayabusa 1173980d ago

It seems PS fanboys want 360 games...

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3980d ago

and you by far take the cake! BTW this has nothing to do with you or your PS3/ news. STOP TROLLING.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

You sound bitter, like you’re whining a bit. Maybe you need a petition to sign.

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jib3981d ago

i think im one of the very few who isn't excited by this game

hulk_bash19873981d ago

You and me both man. For some reason I just cant get excited over this game. Im more excited about Blue Dragon than I am about this game, which is weird cuz I love shooters.

truebego3981d ago

What can I say this game very good looking

gogators3981d ago

will never come fast enough. I know Forza and Mass Effect will take up most of this coming Summer, plus if Two Worlds turns out to be good then Bioshock, which is looking really good, will be ready for purchase.

GEV1L3981d ago

This people who have seen this game in action and the history of its developers is what is getting this game the hype. Anyone who played system shock 2 on the pc is most definately looking forward to this game as it is basically system shoick 2's "spiritual succesor" since the developer no longer own the rights to the system shock IP. From everything that I seen from tihs game it definately deserves the hype. Looks like its going to be a good mix of horror action and rpg.

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