Microsoft wants Zune HD to be 'a major player' in handheld games

Details might be a bit sketchy, but Microsoft has today confessed that, yes, it wants in on the handheld gaming market.

After years sitting on the sidelines – despite much speculation – and watching as first Nintendo, then Sony and lastly its bitter rival Apple all marked their territories in portable games, the format-holder has told Develop that its new Zune media player will also play substantial games content.

It just won't admit to when that strategy will come into play just yet.

Today, Microsoft confirmed the introduction later this year of the Zune HD, the latest in its line of media players. The device is billed as 'the first portable media player with built-in HD Radio receiver, HD video output capabilities, OLED touch screen, wi-fi and an internet browser'.

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qface643372d ago

ha ha ha HA HA HA :'D oh man wait really .__.

JaggedSac3372d ago

Zune-Live integration is gonna kick butt.

outlawlife3371d ago

if this thing has access to the xbla, and just live in general it is going to be waaaaay ahead of the competition of the ipod

drewsny3371d ago

if it can play community and arcade games then i will be jizzing in my pants. i definitely want to have a portable version of braid and castle crashers and dishwasher dead samari and all the other great games in the arcade.