What the Kojima teasers might be saying, and perhaps a new countdown as well.

PS3Life reports: after spending alot of time starring at the Kojima teasers, writing down the letters and numbers appearing vaguely in the screen and trying to figure out what they mean, we think we pretty much figured it all out... and there's reason to believe a new countdown will also come.

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Silly gameAr3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Am I the only one bored with this?

Edit: Yeah man. This is painful and kind of getting annoying.

Cwalat3102d ago

nah, i'm starting to get bored aswell...


why do developers always hype the crap out of the web before announcing a f***ing videogame?!

Godmars2903102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Because it get attention.

Its counted down and nothing happened.

4pocalyps33102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

nothing new! >_< might as well just dongled raiden there with photoshop saying "haha fvck you"

EDIT: never mind. i just saw the big boss flash. and OMG CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS GAME NOW!!

jBat173102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

with a flashing R for Raiden, but there's a picture of big boss, middle-aged naked snake

timer ends on june 1.. looks like a MG for the xbox, with last gen graphics and 15 discs.. LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.