Team Fortress 2 patch adjusts Spy class, brings fixes

A new patch for Valve's FPS Team Fortress 2 has been released and is now available on Steam. The update brings a couple of adjustments to the Spy class along with a few fixes for the game.

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TheBand1t3409d ago

As much as I dislike that asshat Newell, you gotta give props to Valve for keeping their games up and patched.

The Master Chief3409d ago

Gabe is cool. The only reason you wouldn't like him is because he doesn't like the PS3.

TheBand1t3409d ago

I don't like developers who shoot their mouths off, period. I especially didn't care much for Sony's attitude back at launch.

By the way, I play Counter-Strike: Source more often than I do on my PS3. Try again.

TheIneffableBob3409d ago

I don't think the Dead Ringer nerf was necessary. It felt perfect the way it was.

GamerPS3603409d ago

I couldn't get hooked into this game but kudos to valve keeping updated.

P.S PC version here.