More Uncharted 2 Footage on Thursday

Geoff Keighley teases his followers, Evan Wells and us that there will be even more Uncharted 2 footage this Thursday on GTTV.

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WildArmed3340d ago

we can play our kickass BETA :D

slave2Dcontroller3340d ago

I gotz me beta code burried like treasure. I cant wait to see more of the single player and I'm dying to check out the snow level(S).

WildArmed3340d ago

same. I'll see ya online den xD

4pocalyps33340d ago

and ill see both of you online aswell xD. i'm getting my beta code this friday hopefully :D

GamerPS3603340d ago

got my game and got my code for uncharted :D

Played infamous over 4 hours yesterday but did only 1 mission so far. Just messing around. I can't wait to go home and play more infamous.

Gameplay is @ the best. Perfect for my style. I will be putting over 200 hrs on this game.

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ShAkKa3340d ago

i wish i had a beta code,this is my favorite franchise so far this generation.
hope some website start giving away some codes.

AKNAA3340d ago

Oh man... after seeing that new HD trailer, This game has already increased my standards and expectations of a great game in action!
unfortunately, I am a graphics whore that's why I'm a little disappointed in infamous(graphically). hell, even going back to my ps2 games is pretty hard on the eyes...
But As a ps3 owner, you know that when an exclusive game has great graphics, gameplay comes along for the ride as well like R2, KZ2, motor storm:PR, MGS4 and so on... Can't wait!

Awookie3340d ago

Must be playing a different game the animations are beautiful the graphics are 2x better than gta and the popins are pretty minimal

njmzhang3339d ago

yeah. I bought infamous 2 days ago. The gameplay is good, but the graphics is definitely not on par with other SCE AAA titles

PrimordialSoupBase3340d ago

Geoff Keighley's rad new polo shirt revealed. Be sure to tune in!

... ughh

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The story is too old to be commented.