Gametrailers TV first gameplay footage of RCF: A Crack in Time

Tune in to Game Trailers TV this Thursday night for first gameplay footage of RCF: A Crack in Time.

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Mucudadada3127d ago

My prediction?

Pixar's jaws drop.

Viva La Insomniac!

WildArmed3127d ago

+1 xD

Can't wait 2 soak up all that gameplay from all these awesome games..
Rachet and Uncharted! cant wait 4 thursday

snipermk03127d ago

RC: Crack in Time = Crack in my xbox 360.

BrunoM3127d ago

kool can wait to see it humm but some how i was thinking they were going to save the gameplay footage for e3 .. but o well lol.. mannn e3 is only 5 days away YEAAAAHHHHH

WildArmed3127d ago

E3 there will be a playable demo :D
no need 2 save gameplay vids 4 dat :D

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jBat173127d ago

just because i'm a ratchet & clank fan for a long time now.. got it on my birthday in 2002..