Crispy Gamer: inFamous Review

Crispy Gamer writes: "The way Infamous integrates its ideas -- individuals' responsibility to each other, the fragility of the social contract and the allure of situational morality -- into actual gameplay turns it into a surprisingly self-aware piece of entertainment. That integration of theme and gameplay also works to make it one of the better-executed open-world games in recent memory. With quotes from JFK, Confucius, Abraham Lincoln and other great men from history popping up during the chapter breaks, Sucker Punch's first PlayStation 3 game wears its ambition on its sleeve. Fans of both superheroes and open-world games will be happy to learn that Infamous lives up to those ambitions".

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OGharryjoysticks3406d ago

This is a real fun game. I've been playing it for about 4 hours today and there is just a ton of action. Other open world games don't have the level of intensity when it comes to action, and it doesn't even seem like other open world games overall. Hard to explain. But it's a good thing. GTA 4 should have been more like this and it would have been fun.

trashcon593406d ago

i hate ps3 just because this game ive come to the point that i have to buy this system and on top why does everybody talk about halo and gears of war when i bought this system i was looking for the best all i got is crap i guess im going to buy the system microsoft i am a trader but i had to do it i have to admit sony has the best!!p.s. why does every one talk about ace combat i do agree its a good franchise but 6 is probably the worst u people always brag where is ace combat well let me tell u something i am a hardcore ace combat fan and trust me your not missing out.the 360 controller sucks for this game

ElementX3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

I'm curious about the PS3. I own a PS3 and I love it, however where's the AA? I just got InFamous today and I just started playing. I'm in the first part of the game which is basically a tutorial. I'm looking at the wrecked cars around me and I'm seeing a ton of rough edges. There doesn't seem to be any anti-aliasing. I've noticed it on other PS3 games as well and I've read about a lack of PS3 AA on a few different websites. What's the deal? I've read game reviews where they state that the 360 has 2AA but the PS3 doesn't. Does anyone else notice this lack of AA?

I'm not a hater, however I thought the PS3 was more advanced than the 360. How come most of the PS3 games don't have AA? I'd appreciate any input from other N4G users. Thank you