Top Ten Best 'Star Wars' Games

Thirty-two years ago this week, Star Wars was released in movie theaters across the county. In honor of this anniversary, I sat down with a group of experts to come up with a list of the Top Ten Best and Worst Star Wars video games-and by "sat down with a group of experts" I mean my Sunday Night gaming group and I put our dice down, went to a local Chilis and composed these two lists on the back of cocktail napkins. Our credentials include being Star Wars nerds and spending hours upon hours playing these games-plus several "experts" have worked for game retailers and have either highly recommended purchasing or avoiding these titles to customers. What better people to ask than the people who actually play and sell these games?

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Elven63405d ago

Force Unleashed? You mean that tech demo they made for Psi-Ops 2? :p

Seriously no way this lady is a true gamer, The Force Unleashed, Lego Star Wars (wasn't bad but way to buggy with stupid AI IMO), etc don't deserve to be on this list. Where is KotOR 2? Obsidian was only given less then a year and that game for the development time frame was really good, much more in depth when it came to a few mechanics then the first, had Lucas Arts just given them more time it could have been epic. :(