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Tom Bramwell from Eurogamer writes:

"Speaking to friends about Asobo Studios' FUEL, it's jarring how many are expecting an open-world follow-up to the last Race Driver. The name - perhaps introduced following Codemasters' acquisition of the publishing rights last year - is no doubt designed to bring it into line with GRID, and on that basis it's perhaps a mark of the publisher's confidence, and augers well for something new and interesting.

But in truth, FUEL is no more an extension of Codemasters' excellent track racer than Overlord II is, and it doesn't even use the EGO Engine. The engine it does use, however - one of Asobo's own creation - is certainly no slouch, and that's just as well in a game that promises the sort of open-world racing sandbox we haven't seen since Test Drive Unlimited, with a range of vehicles that echoes MotorStorm, and environmental factors more consistent with the cinematic output of Roland Emmerich."

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irish-leprecaun3338d ago

still kings of off road racers!!

3338d ago
raztad3338d ago

I dont have any expectation about this game, but eurolamer's reviews dont deserve to be read. Wait for a worthy review guys.

ian723338d ago

Was hoping this was going to be a decent game. It seemed a good idea for a game.
Will read a few more reviews first before i make up my mind whether to rent or buy, or even wait till price drops.

jBat173338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

stick with Motorstorm 2..

still excited for dirt 2, though..

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