Jack Thompson Threatens to Sue Utah

Former Florida Attorney and resident gaming sideshow Jack Thompson has reached new heights of discourse. After word leaked that the Utah State Senate President was having the state's Attorney General look into prosecuting the disbarred attorney for harassment and a second legislator expressed his dismay over his countless emails, Jack Thompson has threatened to sue every state legislator in the Utah state congress.

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qface643372d ago

this guy really has nothing better to do with his time does he

ThanatosDMC3372d ago

Must have sand in his vagin-a. -Cartman

4pocalyps33372d ago

makes me want to punch him through my monitor and through that pic...

Myst3372d ago

For a second when I saw the headline I thought it meant he was going to sue the entire state of Utah. First thought was "This guy is just begging to die..."