IGN: Pre-E3 2009: Afrika's Finally Coming

Developed by Rhino Studios, Afrika is a photography simulator with adventure elements. Boasting licenses from Sony and National Geographic (to name a few), Afrika places you in the vast African wilderness as you attempt to capture images of the various animals and plants with your trusty camera.

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Handsome_Devil3401d ago

Finally, I thought they just forgot about it :S


can't wait till see more video's of this game.

Jamegohanssj53401d ago

I laughed out loud, but another exclusive title. YIIIPPEEEE!!!


TOO PAWNED3401d ago

Dude, i am serious...does it have trophies?

Bathyj3401d ago

Yes, I am still waiting for this one.

They must have been improving the graphics all this time, that lion almost looks real. ;)