TeamXbox : The Franchises We Want on Xbox 360

Of course, as we all know, that won't make it go away for good. Soon, you'll begin thinking about the games you're missing out on, especially when your friends talk about how awesome they are or how you're really missing out. It hurts, doesn't it? Thankfully, the days of feeling that old familiar sting may be coming to end. Well, they may not disappear completely, but the time of the platform exclusive seems to be coming to an end. Many games that people assumed would be coming only to the PS3 have since been confirmed for the Xbox 360, including Devil May Cry 4 and Ace Combat 6 (as well as titles like Assassin's Creed and Mercenaries 2, which we all assumed would be on the system).

While having those titles on the Xbox 360 would be all well and good there are a bunch of other games that Xbox gamers would love to play...

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omansteveo4278d ago

I dont wanna see God of War or WOW

Longhornbevo4278d ago

Well thats good because niether are even possible.

highps34278d ago

Seriously wasnt even worth the read.

trane074278d ago

So why the hell is an xbox360 wishlist posted here? WTF? The news is getting MORE and MORE ridiculous by the day.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4278d ago (Edited 4278d ago )

Soon the only games we 360 fans won’t have are the games that say Sony on it. All the rest are ripe for the taking and are begging to be plucked by 11 million owners.

trane07 "All the rest are ripe for the taking" Maybe you just missed that part or something. Difference between 360 and PS3 fans is that 360 fans don’t sign petitions when they lose something.

trane074278d ago

Soon the only games the ps3 fans wont have are the games that say "only on xbox360" on it. All the rest are ripe for the taking and are begging to be plucked by the up and coming ps3 owners. Saints row, wardevil, enchanted arms, and ninja gaiden did. Whos to say what others dont?

TheMART4278d ago (Edited 4278d ago )

Wrong, so wrong

Ninja Gaiden is a remake of a couple of years old game.

Ninja Gaiden 2 you won't get on the PS3 (at least not any time soon) and the 360 will get it right away.

Saints Row could have been a timed exclusive. The PS3 wasn't out by then. That's why it was an exclusive. As was Oblivion, no PS3 to be seen when it launched on the 360.

On the other hand, watch the PS games that came over. That were exclusives, because all the former parts were on a Playstation and never on other consoles

Devil May Cry 1,2,3 on PS (ok nr. 3 on PC but not other consoles)

Virtua Fighter 1,2,3,4 never on the XBOX, nr. 5 is

Mercenaries 1 on Playstation not on xbox, nr. 2 is

I could go on but you see what I mean? No sequels of games that belonged to the XBOX are now on the Playstation. But the other way around it is

MGS 1 and 3 weren't on the xbox
MGS2 was... MGS4 again?

I really think MGS4 will be on the 360. It isn't a paid off exclusive for Sony, the PS3 has a too small installed base, Konami has to make money, 11 million 360 owners bought well over 4 million copies of Gears of War. Can't put it more simple than that. It is coming

Then Crysis. It's EA so they bring it on any format they can. A no brainer. Hope they do it good

And for God of War 1&2. Don't hope for it. Don't buy a PS3 for it. Just buy a PS2 just for these games or just for nr. 2. It's 99 Euro overhere at the moment and any gamer should get a PS2 with these games

The Snake4278d ago

One correction. Mercenaries 1 was on Xbox. I know because I have it.

InMyOpinion4278d ago

What's up with the propaganda pics your posting after every comment? They're not gamerelated so quit it. If you don't like japanese games don't buy them, but stop forcing your patriotic bs onto others.

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zonetrooper54278d ago

Its in the PS3 section because some of the games that they wanted are for Sony's console.

trane074278d ago

how the hell is that important news for ps3 owners to know that the 360 fans want something that the playstation has?! Oh Gee golly wow this is soooooooooooo informative!!! Its a surprise of the century that every ps3 owner who goes to the ps3 thread should know!!!

bootsielon4278d ago

Funny how they say Zelda should be on glorious 1080p, when Xbox fanboys, press and officials said that 1080p "would be basically impossible" this generation. Besides, without HDMI, the quality is poor, and HDMI is not a standard on Xbox.

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