Gaming Age: Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times Review

Gaming Age writes: "For anyone who hasn't given Nintendo's originator of this game style a try, I still would whole heartedly recommend Animal Crossing over Magician's Quest. There is just something about the charm that AC offers that seems to be more inviting to the everyday gamer. On the other hand, if you are like myself and have played Nintendo's versions to death since it's incarnation on the Game Cube, then you will be ecstatic to know that Magician's Quest is as close to a sequel or follow up to AC as you can possibly get. As far as Konami goes, I generally frown upon clones or obvious rip offs of popular games, but since this territory isn't over saturated as say Grand Theft Auto, you have my gratitude for providing me with a fix for my AC addiction. I'm sure many gamers will thank you as well".

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