Infernal Physics Demo

A demo of physics engine and gameplay from Infernal.

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THWIP3770d ago

...and it looks like crap. :o

power of Green 3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Man! you can see dudes scalp through his hair, it looks like crap?, have you seen clean pics of this game?. Even if you were talking about the animations i dissagree. I'v been drinking all day too but dam you're cut off. J/K.

Even Mass Effect looks like sh*t in low quality vids.

Maybe you don't like the animated art style like Tomb Raider and Drakes Fortune.


neogeo3769d ago

not for anything you said about games....just because you have been drinking all day.

nebpredude843769d ago

kinda reminds me of the darkness....with the turning off of the lights to bring out your inner powers