UGO: inFamous Review

UGO writes: "All in all, though, inFamous is just fun to play. It's fun to run across rooftops, grind down electrical wires and slam down to the ground in a giant shockwave. Unlike Crackdown, inFamous feels like a full game, with everything you'd expect from a $60 title, and it's my personal choice for the best exclusive PS3 game thus far".

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butterfinger3338d ago

beaten it for the second time now, and I'd have to say it is also one of my personal favorite PS3 exclusives. I'd still take LittleBigPlanet over it, though, as I'll probably have the platinum after this second playthrough is over.

Aceluffy3338d ago

Especially when I'm grinding the train rail or the power line, the vibrating controller really translates the immersion well, not too soft, not too hard. I'm sure once u play this game, ur expectation on upcoming sandbox games will be very high. Nice work, Sucker Punch !

Slinger4203338d ago

Yea, Sucker Punch really nailed this game. I had no intention of buying it until I played the amazing demo. Just picked it up today and it's fcuking amazing. I really hope Prototype is just as good.

OGharryjoysticks3338d ago

Played it for a couple hours. Haven't tried any of the missions yet. Had too much fun running up, down, and around the city shooting reapers to start the story :)