Five Reasons Blu-ray is a Success for Sony

PS3 Informer writes:

"Somebody inside the company must have been concerned that Ken Kutaragi's ambitious plans to make the Playstation 3 the Trojan horse for a new optical format were ill-conceived. Would consumers do as he said and seek out second jobs to afford the pricey media player, or would the experiment in disaster? Luckily for Sony, nearly three years after the launch of the Playstation 3 and the replacement of Kutaragi at the head of Sony Computer Entertainment, his design has been vindicated: although it was risky, Sony's Blu-ray strategy has turned out to be a success. Here are five reasons why."

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clinker3282d ago

I find it kind of ironic that the piece of technology most widely blamed for the high price and delayed launch of the PS3 might turn out to be its biggest strong point in the next five years.

Andras843282d ago

I accidently pressed on dissagree when I agree with you.

Also the people who called blu-ray a failure must feel pretty stupid by now.

jBat173282d ago

if you have an HDTV.. xbots still use their parent's SDTV that's why they can't tell the difference, that's why that can't see the advantages of blu-ray over dvd..

XLiveGamer3282d ago

well yeah Blu Ray have more space and that's all but in 2 more years is going to be a disc of the past. So yeah i notice since 1st day that Blu Ray have more space than regular 9gb DVD's. But hey my PC and X360 (DVD's) games looks amazing on this > < Just like Blu Rays. Oh and i have 3 of those.

cayal3282d ago

Aside from your obvious fanboyism you don't have the slightest idea what you are talking about.

Movie companies and tech companies did not back Blu-ray so it would be gone in 2 years. They have too much money tied up in the investment of blu-ray that they decide what format is going to be used and when.


E3 2009 is next week, it's 99.9 chance it will be a PS3 exclusive thank's to BLU Ray.

XLiveGamer3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Let me see where this article is coming from... Oh yeah... of course.

Just 2 more years and Blu-Ray its going to be a disc of the past.

Yeah i know sony fans you disagree!

Bathyj3282d ago

Cant imagine why such a charmer like you has one bubble.

So you didn't want to change from DVD to BR after being on the market over a decade and despite the rise in popularity of TV's whose resolution exceeds DVD, but you think everyone will abandon BR for something else after only 5 years because of your Sony grudge?

Oh, thats why you have one bubble, you deserve it.

Sibs3282d ago

Uhhhh... what comes out in 2 years?

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