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Dario Tomaselli of wrote:

In conclusion, I am fully satisfied with the measures adopted by the team in the gameplay. The fear that the powers of Cole may eventually prove themself tiring has dissolved like snow in the sun: each game session proposes a decidedly convincing pace, so that the plot moves to the final with a good dose of mastery. Shame that so much power is not fully reflected in the artistic direction, which presents somewhat anonymous enemies and environments lacking of striking effects. For the rest, great the narrative interludes, which certainly add a few more points to the whole personality of the project, and discrete the longevity, which guarantees you over a dozen of hours of high tension.

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Pebz3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

I called it!

Well, close enough anyway.

But seriously, why are all these Eurogamer sites suddenly springing up? I don't recall ever seeing any but Eurogamer and Eurogamer Portugal prior to Infamous reviews.

Unbiased13409d ago

I think us Europeans have right to exist and have our own sites or should we just read American and what they tell us? Huh?
that doesn't mean i agree with them but your comment is very ignorant...

dylandurden3409d ago

I'm a forum member of and lately I've found the will to submit news and reviews from on N4G.
Nothing strange with it, I guess?
Don't know why previously only and were proposed to your attenction.
Anyway, expect more reviews from to appear here in the near future ;)

Why dis3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

I also called it.

The main media doesn't have anything from MSFT to talk about because MSFT wont talk so they're punishing MSFT for doing so by showing bias towards Sony lately with review scores and opinion yet even the PS3 media are being honest about Infamous mostly.

Even more will come.

dylandurden3409d ago

Trust me, Eurogamer Italy is not biased by any means

Pebz3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )


"Us Europeans" includes me, and last I checked (just now) is UK based, so what do the Americans have to do with this? I guess that makes your comment equally ignorant, but let's just say we're all excused since this is the internet after all.


I'm actually genuinely wondering, nothing against your site, merely found it curious that so many sites recently (re-)emerged. Both Eurogamer Germany and Italy hadn't submitted anything here in over a 100 days.

dylandurden3409d ago

Well, all I can say is that I have no particular reason to submit this material right now, among with the others (, etc.)
It's just a coincidence :D

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dylandurden3409d ago

...why certain news hit the front page, while others don't?

You know, I'm new to this site so I'm still unaware of certain things.