Toribash to Perfect Violence on WiiWare

The Wii has a great fighting game on retail disc (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) but downloadable brawlers are scarce for WiiWare. Actually, they're nonexistent. Toribash hopes to change that when it brings its customizable fighter to Nintendo's service.

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Shnazzyone3403d ago

This is freaking awesome news! Hopefully it can give us wii owners an online fighting experience that trumps Brawl for online connectivity. That's why i like third parties.. you never know what they'll bring to the system.

Cajun Chicken3403d ago

Ever tried the Freeware version?

Should work well on the Wii. As I keep on saying, unrelated, but so would Powerstone Capcom, Powerstone.

Shnazzyone3402d ago

Yeah i have played it and i think it would be vastly improved by mapping it to the wii controls. Not to mention the fun of the online system... something about fighting in fraction of seconds is just too much fun.

SpoonyRedMage3402d ago

Awesome. I loved Powerstone as well Cajun and the Wii seems like a great fit for the games.