Noby Noby Boy's Creator Cheats the System

Noby Noby Boy's quirkiness may be a bit of a turnoff for the majority of PS3 owners. Because the game's community is doing the complete opposite of what Noby Noby is known to do, i.e. keep shrinking, the game's creator has decided to cheat take a shortcut.

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Megaton3368d ago

The GIRL concept would be great for the upcoming Katamari PSN game. Rolling in Katamari is infinitely more fun than stretching in Noby Noby Boy. I haven't touched the game since earning all the trophies for it.

Dawn_Of_Ashes3368d ago

noby noby boy is a failure. The game is ugly as hell and its boring like no games before. Im not surprised that there is not a lot of ppl who play that.

Automat3368d ago

this is the cheapest game on psn - for a good reason; It sucks cartman's balls. not surprised at all that the 'community' has left it...