New memory material may hold data for one billion years

Packing more digital images, music, and other data onto silicon chips in USB drives and smart phones is like squeezing more strawberries into the same size supermarket carton. The denser you pack, the quicker it spoils. The 10 to 100 gigabits of data per square inch on today's memory cards has an estimated life expectancy of only 10 to 30 years. And the electronics industry needs much greater data densities for tomorrow's iPods, smart phones, and other devices.

Scientists are reporting an advance toward remedying this situation with a new computer memory device that can store thousands of times more data than conventional silicon chips with an estimated lifetime of more than one billion years.

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Kakkoii3408d ago

We only have 2 more fabrication sizes to go down before we reach building chips on this scale. Were at 32nm right now. 22nm comes in early 2010, and 16nm in 2011. Then 2012/2013 is where will be making chips on the scale of which this stories device is. Simple molecules and particles.

It's going to be awesome when tech like this finally comes, and only a few years away! Because once we have made it to the smallest possible size, research will start going towards making it cheaper, more efficient and faster produced. And making tons of cores in a GPU/CPU at this scale. Because it can't get any smaller, well just be piling cores on top of each other, making 3D chips. Going to be some hella powerful computers in the next 6 years.

drewsny3408d ago

i would really just want one device that maybe a wristwatch that is an all in one device that is based on holographic technology that you can actually physically touch.