Tales of Vesperia 50% Off At Amazon

Tales of Vesperia, the high-quality RPG (which many call the best this generation thusfar) is now only $29.99 on The retailer gods have bestowed upon us great blessings, indeed.

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cyguration3340d ago

No GameStop counter-offers?

RKRigney3340d ago

I seriously doubt they'll even drop the price of their used copies lower than $54.99...

cyguration3340d ago

because that would mean that they actually care about selling the game and not ripping off gamers.

Anyway, Amazon seems to have better deals for this sort of stuff all the time.

RKRigney3340d ago

Yup. It's certainly good publicity for Amazon. Too bad that Tales of Vesperia Special Edition is still $100+ bucks

Fade_Walker3340d ago


I guess it's a permanent price drop.

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Shadow Man3340d ago

along with Eternal Sonata, and Star Ocean IV. imo

patterson3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

so the discount makes sense.

Looking forward to the complete version when it arrives on PS3

Obama3340d ago

I haven't heard of a left over that has double the script, voice acting, and characters than the original.

patterson3340d ago

but you payed for it lol.
Thanks for all your hard work :)

-MD-3340d ago

I love playing games before everyone else.

-MD-3340d ago

I know right? Thanks bro finally someone agrees.

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S M N3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

"which many call the best this generation thusfar"

you are wrong, VC is the best in this gen

Sexius Maximus3340d ago

You can't compare the two. They are COMPLETELY different games. One is an action, one is a strategy. That be like comparing Killzone 2 to MGS4. "They both have guns...they must be the same genre" TOV rocked, and is ONE of the best this gen, and so is VC, but totally different.

OGharryjoysticks3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

They are both RPG games. Just as FIFA and MADDEN are both "sports" games. As far as RPG's go Valkyria is probably the better game since it's actually doing something new, but maybe the PS3 version of Tales with all the extra stuff might make it close to equal.

RememberThe3573340d ago

Who the hell is saying that Tales of Vesperia is the best RGP this gen? Valkyria Chronicles, and Mass Effect are the best I've played thus far.

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