Chillingo's CS.One Is Shaping Up To Be One Hectic Shooter writes:

"Chillingo has been able to latch on to some of the best developers who are creating some the best games for the iPhone and iPod touch, and it looks like they found another great game in h.grenade's CS.One.

CS.One, or Circuit Strike.One, is a fast-paced shooter being developed by h.grenade. The game is kind of a mix between Geometry Wars and Asteroids if that helps give you an idea of what to expect. You are the pilot of a virtual ship within an advanced computer network, where you must reek havoc on the system, killing everything in sight while collecting ghost data from the remains to engage in Bullet.Time. Bullet.Time is essentially a slow motion game mechanic where the audio speed and pitch are warped, and your ship becomes invincible. You must utilize everything that is available to you to defeat the evil System Admin."

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FuzzyChinchilla3401d ago

i might have to give it a shot...i love geometry wars AND asteroids!