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Nelson M3337d ago

I must Agree !!
Put this game Next to Killzone and Bioshock 2 indeed does look Dated
And the BoTs think that this game looks Good

Grown Folks Talk3337d ago

getting out of school at noon every day, & having your own "special" section while everybody else was in the main building.

n to the b3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

actually I never thought Bioshock looked that super-great, when u look at just the pure graphics. however, the superior level design was and is so much better than most... like, a lot.

GEARS is better from a technical, look-at-the-textures standpoint IMO. but yet u start to notice GEARS's little 'building blocks' of perfect squares of cover. whereas Bioshock doesn't feel like it's made out of legos.

know what I mean?

jBat173337d ago

nice one, nelson

tried to go back to bioshock after playing a lot of killzone 2.. and it was bad.. movement felt like ice-skating and aim was broken/too twitchy..

i like jam3337d ago

oh my god what is up with sony the UK are getting some extra love for a change!!

dgroundwater3337d ago

Just as expected :) Nice that Euros get something early I guess.