E3 2009: What Sony needs to do to win E3 - PS3

As E3 gears up for a fantastic showing next week, many have begun speculating on what will be announced. It seems like the rumor mill has been churning away extra hard for this E3, with announcements ranging from new controllers to massive price drops. Will Sony have the ammo to win E3 this year?

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dirkdady3371d ago

the PS3 already has the best lineup out of all the systems, it just needs to be come more affordable.

Genesis53371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

Maybe they should announce a big multi plat game. Worked for MS.

DNAgent3371d ago

I wouldn't call a milked (and now terrible thanks to S-E) series a "BIG multiplatform game". It's still overhyped by people who are still fans of FF but it's no longer big and hasn't been big since the PS1 (or SNES).

WildArmed3371d ago

actually the series was huge till FF X.
After that, FF went downhill and lost its essence.

Nelson M3371d ago

Just Turn Up

It's already in the Bag
Just like last Year

Johnny Rotten3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

There's no such thing as a "winner" at a conference. Companies show up announce what they have coming up in the future, people network with other people, websites broadcast what was shown to their fanbase, and the gamers are stuck in awe and left wondering how their going to get the cash to pay for all this!

Genesis53371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

I think they should do alright with what they have. Just add a couple of surprises.

DNAgent3371d ago

I think it's funny how people still say that the PS3 is overpriced. I guess they shouldn't have wasted their money on a last gen console. All these "PS3 is overpriced" arguments are just showing the buyers remorse from xbots.

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